Boy on a Stick and Slither

A comic about killer bees, time travel, ethics and despair.
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Q. What happened to There was no activity for the longest time, and now there are a bunch of comics with a completely different art style. What gives? (I’m not complaining; just confused.)

A. Well, I got a little bored.  So, I took some time off, went to Afghanistan, decided to start a podcast and just stopped thinking about comics for awhile.

Of course, then I started thinking about comics again and decided to archive the old BOASAS and begin anew.


Q. Why the change in style, Steven?

A. I felt the old style became a little restrictive after 10 years and I wanted to try to grow and evolve as a cartoonist.

I did away with all the rules I’d set up and just starting drawing the characters in whatever way I felt like at that moment.  This helps to keep me interested and it’s a lot more fun.


Q. How do you make the new comics?

A. The key tools are: an iPad, the Adobe Ideas app and a stylus or two. First I draw the characters and background elements on the iPad and export them to Adobe Illustrator. Then I add color, maybe some photographic textures and the text.


Q. What about the lettering?

A. It’s based on my own printing style. I created it on the iPad using iFontMaker.


Q. But what about the new website?

A. It’s a tumblr. The old site is archived here.


Q. What if I want more info?

A. There’s a Wikipedia entry you could look at.


Q. What’s the best way to contact you?

A. Twitter.


Q. Do you have an online store where I could buy archival quality prints of your comics?

A. Yes. Yes I do.

Q. One more thing: How often do you update?

A. Eh, I shoot for once a week. The day varies. Subscribe to my RSS if you want to know right away when a new comic is ready.

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